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We are two curious females from Maryland who love Beauty, Music, Intellect, and Culture.

Genesis, the Artist, and Anna Son, the writer.

This blog is a manifestation of our wandering minds; a combination of our talents; a platform for our expressions. It features all things that stimulate the senses.

Aesthetics are usually thought of as the study of looks, beauty, and art. This is only the surface of what this blog aspires to convey. Aesthetics are comprised of  anything pertaining to the study of the mind and emotions in relation to the sense of beauty. We believe beauty is the summation of intelligence, good spirits, idiosyncrasies, and open-mindedness. 

Thus, beauty is a level in which one must achieve. It's more than being born pretty; its more than taking a great picture. 

To be Aesthetically Pleasing one must radiate beauty from the depths of your cerebellum to the tips of your well manicured fingers. 

Don't settle for "Pretty," strive to be Aesthetically Pleasing.


For all inquiries or a simple hello, email us: AestheticallyPleasingBlog@gmail.com
Facebook: APleasing
Twitter: @Apleasing
Instagram: @Apleasing
Tumblr: A-Pleasing.Tumblr.com

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