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Afro-Brazilian Short Film | The Summer of Gods

Hey guys! SURPRISE. No, I'm not dead - actually, we both aren't. Life just got in the way and unfortunately we haven't been updating as much as we should, so please forgive us. Who knew maintaining a blog while doing a million of other things would be so difficult. Trust us, we're trying. Just want to let everyone know that Aesthetically Pleasing is still in our hearts and we're gonna try our best to update as much a possible. 

On that note, I want you guys to check out this beautiful trailer of the short film The Summer of Gods

"The Summer of Gods is a short film about a young girl named Lilli who visits her grandmother in rural Brazil. Near her village, she encounters Orishas (African gods) who challenge her with a mission. 
The film is set in the Northeast of Brazil where Afro-Brazilian religious traditions remain strong. In the film, Lilli's grandmother is in charge of an annual celebration for the Orisha Yemanjá. In real life, the event is known in Brazil as Festa de Yemanja and it is the largest Orisha celebration in the country. In this event, devotees of African religious traditions dress in all white to take their offerings to the sea to thank Yemanja for helping them in their social and political struggles. In The Summer of Gods, this celebration is at risk of expiring because Lili’s great-grandmother is about to pass away. Grandma is a well revered local priestess who unites her community to honor the Orishas. Lili is blessed by the goddesses as well. To preserve tradition, they lead her on a mystical adventure through a nearby forest which symbolizes her initiation into the tradition." 
                                                                                        - Eliciana Nascimento, Filmmaker  

This film looks so incredible and I can't wait for it to come out. Certain parts of the Afro-Brazilian culture is deeply reminiscent of my Afro-Dominican roots so I know that this film will resonate with me. As soon as it comes out I'm watching it. 

What do you guys think? Does this short film look promising? Are you as interested in Afro-Brazilian culture as I am? 

Comment below!

- Genesis