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73 Questions with Sarah Jessica Parker

After Kim K. posted her glamorous Vogue cover with fiance Kanye West on Instagram I immediately hopped on Vogue's website to watch the behind the scenes video. I hate to admit it, but as much as we love hating on KimYe, their love is too darn beautiful. It's hard not to feel happy for them.
But that's not why I'm writing this. After watching the video, which looked more like the second part of Kanye's Bound 2 music video, I came across this snazzy, quite delightful interview with Sarah Jessica Parker. 

Thanks to reruns of Sex and the City I've gotten to admire SJP's incredible style and humor. You can't deny that she rocks everything that she wears; she's just fabulous. If I were to emulate someone's style and effortless grace, it would definitely be SJP. 

In this interview we're taken to SJP's beautiful NYC home as she quite successfully answers most of the 73 questions. I love this interview because it's unusually entertaining. I love the fast pace, the diverse questions, SJP's ease in answering the questions, and the fact that we get to see her lovely home. I can't help but be inspired to be just as stylish as her, both in my wardrobe and home. 

Kudos to Vogue for making this such a fun and different interview. I wonder if they have any more? Anyways, watch the video down below.

- Genesis


Were you just as entertained as I was? What did you like the most from this interview? Have you seen interviews similar to this one?

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