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Product Review | Belle Amour Blends

After scrolling through my favorite natural living guru's blog, HeyFranHey, I came across her post on small businesses that sold natural hair and beauty products. Naturally, my curious self starting reading and that is where I found Belle Amour Blends.

I was eager to try naturally made hair and beauty products and since I trusted Fran's word- seriously she's amazing (check out your YouTube channel)- I knew I had to give this business a chance. I navigated through their website and found some appealing products - Pumpkin Spice Bath & Body Set, Luscious Leave-In Conditioner, and Rejuvenating Clay Cleanser. I eventually bought all three.

The first product I tried, after receiving my package, was the Pumpkin Spice Bath and Body Set which comes with a body butter and body scrub. The smell was exquisite, just like the company promised. The aroma reminded me of pumpkin pies, Christmas, and wintry weather, it was perfect for this holiday season. First, I applied the Pumpkin Spice Body Scrub. My skin reacted so positively; it was easy to the skin and left my body radiant, smooth, and smelling so damn delicious. Afterwards I followed with the body butter, an amazing product that easily dissolves and leaves your body with a luxurious touch. The added moisture from the butter made my skin incredibly soft, and once again, smelling scrumptious. The Pumpkin Spice Bath & Body Set were great purchases.

On wash day I decided to give the Luscious Leave-In Conditioner a try. The product has a great consistency - not too thick, not too runny, and left my hair fully moisturized with a bit of shine. I bought a 2 oz sample, which was not enough to fully coat my thick, curly hair so I might consider buying a larger size next time.

Lastly, I tried the Rejuvenating Clay Cleanser. It's comprised of French pink clay, Kaolin clay, Rahassoul clay, and other natural ingredients. It sounds luxurious because it actually is. My face was noticeably smoother afterwards and felt much cleaner than before. It felt as if the mask was sucking out all my impurities, and because I have oily, acne pone skin this is important to me. I really like this product and plan on using it once a week for more added benefits.

Overall, all of the products were a win for me. The quality is great and they're all natural so I know I'm treating my body right with quality ingredients. I'm happy with these purchases and plan on buying more from Belle Amour Blends.

Go check out Belle Amour Blends and try out their products, you won't be disappointed!

Thanks Belle Amour Blends!


Are you interested in purchasing from Belle Amour Blends? What other small businesses would you recommend? 

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- Genesis 

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