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Photographer | Fausti Rosario

Creativity runs in my veins.

During a brief visit to the Bronx, New York I realized that I wasn't the only one in my family who claims this gift. As a self-taught photographer, Dominican artist and cousin of mine, Fausti Rosario, has captivated his audience with his unique grasp in storytelling. When looking at his work of art you instantly feel a sense of familiarity with the subjects of his work; they feel comforting and all too real.   His work ranges from landscapes, portraits, still life, and abstract work.

From this wide range I've found that I connect most with his particular interest in capturing Dominican landscape, culture, and family traditions. When I look at his work I'm quickly reminded of my childhood memories and feel intensely nostalgic. I can't help but reminisce on the good 'ole times. Fausti beautifully captures objects and moments, which usually go unnoticed, from everyday Dominican life, such as plantains and eggs served at the dinner table, a wall decorated with old family photos, and broken glass bottles on top of a cement block to keep the robbers away (Dominicans use anything within their disposal). These common features are responsible for giving my culture its distinct and lively character. It's no wonder why I feel the way I do when I look at Fausti's photographs; they make me love my culture even more and long for the day I get to visit again. And although this series is specifically centered on Dominican life, others who aren't Dominican can easily relate to the story line behind the subjects. Everyone has a dish that reminds them of home, and a location, whether it be a building, a park, a field, a playground, that takes them back to childhood. We've all experienced these moments.

Aside from my personal interest in these photographs, I think Fausti does an incredible job in capturing compelling portraits. The people in his photographs are authentically raw and unaltered. They're captivating, not just in physical sense, but in the fact they their face, in particular their eyes, tell a story that provokes curiosity from the audience. The man smoking a cigarette looks like he's taking a break from work while reclining on a back alley door; the teen with the baseball cap looks as if he just finished an intense game of baseball in the blistering heat; the young boy in the pool looks like he's practicing swimming tricks in his neighborhood's pool. There's a story to tell, and Fausti, with his impeccable skills, has successfully captured it.

I'm a big supporter of Fausti Rosario. His photographs are one of a kind, and I can't wait to see him grow as an artist and creative individual.

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What do you think about Fausti Rosario's work? Does it captivate you as it does to me?

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- Genesis 

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