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Happy New Year + Death to New Year's Resolutions

Want to know the best way to set yourself up for failure and not accomplish any of your goals? Have a New Year's resolution! 

Honestly, New Year’s resolutions are pretty annoying. Everyone knows that by February they've stopped working out or whatever it is they hoped and wished for. There’s this whole “New Year, New Me!!” idea that seems to forget that New Year’s Day is just another Tuesday and life will continue on as it once did. I have so many memories groaning and fussing as my mom started off each year by making me come up with three goals and taking to Excell to make a charted action plan to post on the fridge and be forgotten. 

But don’t label me as a faithless cynic just yet. I am a fan of change and bettering yourself. It’s just that new years resolutions are nothing but a reoccurring fad. No different than Ombre hair dye and leather pants. There is a hype created about it that gets everyone excited but then dies down just as quickly as it came.

This year there are plenty of things I want to see happen, plenty of changes I want to make in my life. The best way I see them happening is to just do them. No action plans or declarations, just make the changes.
I started eating healthy and working out mid December. I didn't say “I should make that my new year’s resolution!” and put it down on a list to start on January 1st, I just did it. Though I haven’t been perfect- I ate two orders of fries and some Mighty wings on a drunken New Years Eve, shit happens. And I have since continued my workouts and better eating habits.

I guess the whole point of this is that you don’t need an excuse or a special time of year to come around to make things happen. If you just start to make that change you’ll be so much more likely to stick with it and feel fulfilled because you did it when you needed to not because the bandwagon came around.

So here's my advice:

Set shorter goals and/or have more meaningful reasons of doing them. I mentioned the whole working out and eating healthy thing. Well, each year I have some grand vision of having a Janet Jackson via the '90s six pack and Beyonce ass by April but that's neither realistic nor healthy. This year my aims for working out are to increase my flexibility and strength, both of which I shamefully have none of but think its necessary for survival. I also have horrible joints and incredible back pain to which I have been advised that simply curbing my sedentary lifestyle can remedy. If I stick to it I plan to still strive for the six pack but the real reason is about bettering myself.

So listen, I'm new to this too, I'm not a self help guru and sticking with things have never been my expertise. But this method seems a lot more functional than all I've been doing in the past and I'm committed to making a change in my life.

Stay tuned to Aesthetically Pleasing to follow along with my personal journey and see the big changes we have in store for the blog this year! Good luck on your road to self improvement!


What changes do you want to make this year? What is your biggest obstacle for reaching your goals?
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-Anna Son

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