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Brilliant Earth Personality Style Challenge

We were recently contacted by Brilliant Earth, a company dedicated to selling ethically sourced fine jewelry, to participate in their Personality Style Challenge. Our task was to choose a personality that best describes our style and create a style board incorporating the jewelry that fits each category.

We got to choose from six categories: blue jeans & tee shirt kind of girl, floral & feminine, glamorous, minimalist, vintage, and cutting edge.

We had a lot of fun creating these, we just discovered Polyvore and spent hours playing virtual dress up and lusting after all of the clothes in the sites database! Check out some more of our style sets at, and be sure to follow Brilliant Earth on Pinterest where our collages will be featured!

Genesis [Cutting Edge]

Winter Burst

Winter Burst by apleasing 

Cutting Edge had a selection of three pieces, a 18K White Gold Vintage Sapphire and Diamond Ring, 18K White Gold Sapphire Halo Diamond Earrings, and Silver Peridot Twist Pendant. 
I chose the sapphire earrings because of their brilliant, bold color and I was immediately reminded of my favorite color, orange. Although orange and other warm colors are associated with fall I like to still wear these hues during winter- who wouldn't? The colors are too beautiful to resist and you can always play around with them. You don't always need to wear dark colors for winter. Blue and orange are complimentary colors (my art major going into effect) so I thought pairing the two with a cream colored coat would let the colors pop even more. I love the coat for its elegant, feminine cut. I can imagine strolling through some big city in it. And can we talk about the ankle boots? It's sexy, chic, and simple. The dark wash jeans are always a classic, so that's an outfit must have. And to cap it off, I would out on a purple/burgundy lip color and nail polish to complete the look. I think this look has subtle hints of edginess and classiness. The orange and blue will definitely make me stand out from the crowd, along with those gorgeous boots. I would totally wear this. 

Anna [Minimalist/Vintage]

14K Rose Gold Moon Stud Earrings, 18K White Gold Fairmined Bar Pendant, 18K White Gold Luna Ring.

18K White Gold Tiara Eternity Diamond Ring, The Promenade Earring, 18K White Gold Hudson Ring.

I'm super indecisive in all facets of life, and fashion is no exception. I feel like minimalist and vintage both describe my personal style perfectly. The white gold bar pendant is the perfect accessory- simple, sleek, yet elegant. I don't usually wear a lot of jewelry and when I do, I rely on classic staple pieces that can work with any look and not feel like too much. I couldn't resist the white gold Tiara diamond ring because it's beautifully structured and a great stand out piece for a simple outfit.

I like to keep my outfits simple and comfortable, especially on a daily basis, but I still like to stand out by incorporating some quirky or unique element. And since 90% of my closet is from the thrift store or my parent's closet, my look is definitely a nod to the throwback era. I love over-sized sweaters, like the grey one featured above and it still looks modern when paired with a fun white leather mini and a clunky casual heel. My favorite accessory of them all- glasses- and my new love- hats- are great vintage accessories too! 


What's your personal style? Which pieces from the Brilliant Earth collections do you like best?

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-Genesis and Anna 

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