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Concert Review | Smokers Club Tour featuring Ab-Soul, Joey Bada$$, and Pro Era Photo Set + Review!

If you really knew me, you would know that Ive been obsessed with Joey Bada$$ since my friend got me hip to 1999 early 2012. And when I found out there was a whole crew behind him too, that was it- Fan for life. This Friday, I finally got to see my favorite MCs live at the Fillmore in Silver Spring for The Smoker's Club Tour which also featured Ab-Soul and Chevy Woods.

The concert was INCREDIBLE. And as someone who is very distasteful for the way live hip hop concerts are run these days, I was throughly impressed by the show and especially Pro Era. They are 10x better live and have so much life and energy on stage.

I was fortunate enough to get my hands on a DSLR for the event and my boyfriend, a photographer in the making, ended up getting some really great shots.

Check out the photo set below, and be sure to read my full review of the concert published in The Diamondback, the independent student newspaper for the University of MD: HERE!

Here's a preview!:

"Rap concerts these days are often defined by overproduced theatrics or mediocre performances in which rappers do little but jump around and yell over prerecorded tracks. With Kanye West and Drake on tour with light show extravaganzas in arenas with thousands of fans, hip-hop concerts aren’t as intimate or enjoyable as they once were.
But The Smokers Club Tour brought back that classic hip-hop experience Friday night at the Fillmore in Silver Spring. Headliners Ab-Soul and Joey Bada$$ and the Pro Era crew gave an incredible show blessedly free of gimmicks, the way hip-hop is supposed to be presented.
Skillfully showing off is what Pro Era does best. The crew recreated pieces from the freestyle cypher it released in response to its lack of recognition at the BET Hip Hop Awards in mid-October. Together, the members rap with the arrogance of knowing they’re the best newcomers in the game right now, while still maintaining the hunger of up-and-comers fighting for the respect they deserve. Their solidarity showed when they honored fallen member Capital Steez, who committed suicide last December. With two fingers in the air and the entire crew onstage, rappers and audience both rapped Steez’s verse from the song “Like Water,” from the mixtape Peep the aPROcalypse, in its entirety."
(Read The Rest Here:

What do you think?
Ab-Soul TDE Repping

Joey Bada$$ and Kirk Knight

Kirk Knight performed songs from his upcoming project

Nyck Caution

Some girl from the audience getting the business from CJ Fly

RIP Capital Steez

Dirty Sanchez freestyling

A La $ole was killing them!

(Photos courtesy of @JeremieMango)
Pro Era or TDE? What are your favorite artists from the crews?

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-Anna Son 

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