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Pro Era Cypher | The Ultimate Comeback

Today, Pro Era released an 11 minute cypher that successfully shitted on every whack rapper and hating ass hip hop award show out right now.

While as a big Pro Era fanatic I'm pretty biased, you only need to watch part one to understand that this entire crew is incredibly skillful. Jaws all across the country are dropping at the gritty, hardcore, and quick-witted rhymes released in this cypher.

With Static Selektah on the turn table, every last member showed out even singer/rapper and Aesthetically Pleasing favorite T'nah Apex spit some soulful melodic bars (does this mean she's back in Pro Era?)

CJ Fly who recently dropped a dope ass debut mixtape led the pack and, of course, they saved Joey Bada$$ for last and he murdered the cypher.

Among my other favorite verses in the video Ala $ole and Kirk Knight.

It's really quite a feat to have a crew that can all hold their own weight as talented individuals; they aren't being carried by stand outs Joey Bada$$ or CJ Fly.

Pro Era was not featured in any of the cyphers aired on the recent BET Hip Hop Awards, which is shameful in itself. But this "response" video, which has only been out a few hours is already trending on Twitter and being praised for it's success. It's the ultimate comeback- a good backhand to anyone who ever doubted or over looked them.

Mainstream doesn't seem to be taking Pro Era seriously- which the hipster side of me is ok with because their skill level surpasses that of many of today's well known hype artists. However, they definitely aren't getting the awards, nominations, air play to truly acknowledge their abilities.

In a time where the demand is calling for mass amounts of twerk music and trap beats, I'm not that surprised. But Pro Era is definitely turning the game around the new age Brooklyn aura, the throwback 90's era beats and flow, and introspective and clever wordplay is so recognizably them.

They don't seem to be offended by the fact that it's taking it's time to really catch on; they know they're the shit and videos like this put everyone in their place.

If you don't know, now you fucking know.


What are your favorite Pro Era Cypher moments? Do you think the Era is getting the recognition they deserve?

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-Anna Son

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