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New Music | Childish Gambino x 3005

He's back!

Couldn't let you guys continue this day with out hearing this brand new Childish Gambino which dropped only a few hours ago.

"3005" is the second release from his upcoming sophomore album Because the Internet due out later this year.

This is a cool ass track filled with Childish Gambino's so-clever-it's-corny metaphors, bouncing flow, and melodic chorus we have come to know and adore from his numerous mixtapes.

The beat is slick; I've had it on replay shoulder-bouncing at my desk for about an hour now.

This is another one of many love/break up tracks  from Gambino since 2011's Camp (i.e. Heartbeat). Between that and his singing choruses he's becoming the hipster Drake.

"No matter what you say or what you do, when alone I'd rather be with you.
Fuck these other niggas, ill be right by your side til 3005"

But that's said without shade, I've been a superfan of Donald Glover's rap alter ego since I Am Just A Rapper and after this track I am way too excited to see what Because the Internet has to offer.

Check out his "Yaphet Kotto" freestyle and album teaser video.


What do you think of the track? Do you think Childish Gambino's upcoming album will be as hype as his first?

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-Anna Son


  1. Have you heard "Shadows" this dude continues to blow my mind. Where does that kind of talent come from!?

    1. Yeah! It's a great song! I've already been listening to the album, It's some good stuff! Actor/Rapper/comedian he's incredible!!