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How to Stay Positive and Fearless: ShamelessMaya Edition

If you haven't heard of Shameless Maya by now then you're truly missing out. An inspirational, creative, down to earth YouTube star, Shameless Maya encourages her followers to embark on their personal path to shamelessness and self discovery.

One year ago she began her journey as a challenge to "shameless self-promotion." The goal was to see how far her shameless attitude would take her. 365+ days later and with over 230,000 subscribers, Shameless Maya continues to successfully #BeShameless and take her mission to new heights. This beautiful movement, according to Shameless Maya, teaches us how "the world would be a better a place if we all got over our self built walls and shared our gifts." Shameless Maya's success and creative drive proves how limitless the possibilities are when we start believing in ourselves. Falling in love with her is so easy.

I've been a Shameless Maya subscriber since its inception. Whenever I need encouragement, positive words, or creative inspiration, I never hesitate to check out her videos. Out of all her fabulous videos my number one pick is the one where she discusses the nature of fear and how to overcome it.

Most recently she posted a video discussing the ways she keeps positive. When my days are low, I know that I can watch her videos to lift my spirits. I highly recommend that you watch these videos whenever you need a little encouragement.

Thank you Maya for all that you do. 



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What do you think of your videos? Do they inspire you to be #shameless? What are your thoughts?
- Genesis

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