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DreadHead | New Protective Style and Excuse to Take Selfies

I've known for a while now that I've wanted dreads.

But the commitment always held me back, I don't like things that are permanent, my mind and my style runs much too rampant for that. I also really dislike short dreads and am not patient enough to suffer the in between process of growing them out. So, while waiting for my mind to settle I opted for faux locs instead and got damnit I love it.

A friend of mine hooked me up and after 8 hours watching dramatic Lifetime movies and listening to turn up music, I had dreads.

I am still amazed at how real they look! Going out last night I encountered a youngin' in the early stages of dreads look at me and exclaim to his friends in amazement "her dreads are mad long!" A guy at a party swooned when he realized I had "dreads." Did I correct them....Nah. I'm thoroughly enjoying this life of deception. *Flips locs*

I really think this is the look for me! I love how I look with them, and I feel like it compliments my style so well. At times like I look like a Waka Flocka reincarnate- I feel like I come off kind of intimidating with the dreads, my septum piercing, a snapback, and my dark lipstick (last weekends party attire). Or maybe thats my frail and harmless suburban self being a little too hopeful.

It has definitely solidified my desire to be a certified dread head in the future, but for now, I'm enjoying the temporary cop out.

I would encourage anyone who wants dreads or who just wants a new protective style in their life to give these a try.

There are only a few cons: The style is achieved by wrapping Marley braiding hair around individual braids and burning the ends to hold it together. After a while this hair tends to get frizzy and unravel. I've had mine in for about two weeks and there hasn't been any severe unraveling but it's getting pretty frizzy. Re-burning the hair can help fix this problem.

Marley hair is also pretty abrasive as anyone who has had kinky twists or braids will know. the hair can be pretty itchy which can be a little annoying. And be prepared for it to put a damper on any cuddling you have planned for this increasingly cold weather, boyfriends and cuddle buddies will complain that the hair is too itchy and uncomfortable (*Sighs heavily* Deal with it!)

Check out the look in my selfies below! Proceed with caution!

"Waka Flocka Son"


Are you a fan of faux locs? What's your next protective style?

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-Anna Son

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