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Love and Relationships with Street Intell and Anna Son

I ran into our good friends at Street Intell this weekend while taking a stroll down U Street in Washington D.C. with my boo. This marks the third time that I have coincidentally ran into our fellow bloggers and it was a great encounter as always!

The universe couldn't have planned this spontaneous reunion more perfectly as Street Intell founder, Carleta Fearon, and her culture correspondent, Sankofa Byrd, were on the street hunting for couples to interview for their Street Love segment just as my boyfriend, Jeremie, and I were headed back home after a day of vintage clothes shopping at the opening day of the District Flea in NW, complete with good food, and great conversation. We were happy to talk about our relationship for Street Intell

I was caught a bit off guard but I was able to muster up a pretty good response- my partner in crime is the talkative one!

Find out more about my relationship in Part One of the Street Love Interview below and go to to see the rest of the series!

How long have you and your significant other been together? What do you all do to keep your relationship interesting?

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-Anna Son

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