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Mosh Pit Diaries | A Brief Recap of Trillectro Music Fest

If you were anywhere but the Half Street Fair Grounds in DC this past Saturday, you missed out on one of the most exciting music festivals the east coast has to offer. Trillectro, put on by DCtoBC, was the most chaotic, exciting, and hyped up concert I've been to in a while and I enjoyed everything about it. The Hip Hop and EDM mash up event delivered some amazing artists and performances to remember. I was the proud winner of two free tickets from DCtoBC and host Ashley Outrageous (who also happens to be one of my favorite hip hop bloggers). I NEVER win these contest things so I was especially enthusiastic to attend the festival!

Disclaimer: My phone died mid way through the event so I didn't get to capture a lot of my favorite moments on camera, and what I did get was pretty amateur (I'm not the photographer of the duo, Don't judge)

Shy Glizzy

The lineup included some of the most notables in trap and hip hop and many on the come up. The festival amped up these special guests through out their advertising and they did not disappoint. Some great artists passed through: the DC hip hop legend Tabi Bonney came through to introduce another artist and say a few words; Raheem Devaughn hopped on stage with Cali rapper Casey Veggies and sang "Guess Who Loves You More" and a go-go mix; one of my favorite hype rapper of today A$AP Rocky stopped by along with the rest of the A$AP Mob; and Fat Trel joined Wale on stage. As a testament to the impact of Trillectro, only in its second year, even DC mayor Vincent Gray came by and said a few words to the people.

DC's own Tabi Bonney
Captured in the Mosh Pit by blog Street Intell
I spent a large majority of my time in the mosh pit. It was chaotic, feral, sweaty, and pretty damn thrilling. I've been in my fair share of moshes and this was by far the most wild, most thanks to artist Travi$ Scott. During his set he called for blood, guts, and broken arms verbatim and said fuck security, then chaos ensued. Sweaty 6ft ragers charged back and forth through the crowd jumping off beat and pushing everything in their way, following Scott's orders to the T. My friend lost her balance and fell to the ground and I saw her life flash before MY eyes as I rushed to help her up before anyone got trampled.

But, like a true Mosh Pit Warrior, I used the undulating stampede to maneuver my way to the very front. I stayed there to see Scott and all the artists scheduled after him. My hair was pulled, my bandeau was ripped down well below the areas it was intended to cover, my denim overall crop top was hanging on by one snap, but it was SO MUCH FUN. I was on a high from the crowds energy (and the weed smoke that filled the air). I got up front in time to help pass Scott through the crowd for his stage dive and chant "Fuck Security" to a trap beat with a middle finger in the air when they cut Scott's performance early (though, quite frankly, I was grateful for their presence). And through out the night, my location allowed me to get a stage dap from A$AP Rocky, look Casey Veggies square in the eye, and even feel the heat from the lighter Wale used to light the blunt passed to him by the kid standing next to me. I sound a bit like a fan girl, lol, but every moment was pure excitement.

Casey Veggies

Ferg's set was definitely my favorite of the night, bringing out the whole mob was a plus. And when he and Rocky played that god-awful but infectious song "Shabba," everyone went crazy. I really enjoyed seeing Wale as well, but he was under some sort of contractual obligation to not perform due to his upcoming tour with J Cole so he only did the chorus and two seconds of a verse from most of his major hits and danced around the stage which was annoying but, nonetheless, he still hyped up the crowd and represented on his own turf.

Blurry, I know, but A$AP Ferg and Rocky in the middle 
What I loved about Trillectro was that it was a showcase of not only music, but fashion, art, dance, food, individuality, drunkenness, and much more. It was about the culture surrounding the area and the Hip Hop and Electronic music fan base. I'm still kicking my self for not attending last year's and going to this year's has solidified my attendance at the next few Trillectro's to come.

Sha- Sha- Shabba Ranks (Courtesy of DMVsthemove)

-Anna Son

Which artist is your favorite from the Trillectro line up? Were you at Trillectro? Share your favorite moments!

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