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Shea Butter Love

If you're looking for a natural moisturizer that will give you healthy, smooth skin Shea Butter is the right product for you. This natural humectant is nothing new. Used in lotions, shampoos, scrubs, deodorants, and an endless array of hair products Shea Butter is crazed for it's "miracle" touch. In fact, people from Africa, where it originates, have been using this plant-based oil for thousands of years as a natural moisturizer. It's ability to properly moisturize, heal, and seal the skin and hair from harsh conditions has given it the international attention you see this present day. 

Derived from the nuts of the Shea-Karite tree in West Africa unrefined Shea Butter can been used for stretch marks, facial/body blemishes, sunburns, eczema, dry skin/hair, anti-itching, and more. If you're obsessed with all things natural and unprocessed like me then you'll instantly love Shea Butter. I can testify to how great this oil has improved my overall skin health. Without further ado I'd like to share a recipe that I guarantee will make you look more fabulous and luminous than ever. By using simple ingredients you're skin will soon be the town's envy.

Genesis' Whipped Shea Butter


*Shea Butter
2 tbs of unrefined, organic Coconut Oil
2 tbs of Vitamin E Oil 
1 tbs of Jojoba Oil

*I used approximately 4 oz of 100% raw Shea Butter. You may use more if preferred.
* You make also use more of the oils for a smoother consistency. 


1. Pour in the oils and Shea Butter in a clean, empty bowl.
2. Use a hand mixer on low to mix in the ingredients. Mix well until the consistency is smooth & well mixed. 
3. When finished use a spatula to gather the whipped Shea Butter and place in a clean, air tight container. 
4. Clean your tools then place your Shea Butter in a clean, dry place until further use. 



* I reused the plastic container when I bought my Shea Butter

Use this mixture daily on your body from head to toe. Within days you'll notice a great improvement with your hair and skin - trust me, your body will thank you. Oh, and don't forget to thank me too! 

Have you ever used Shea Butter? If so, what do you like about it? Have you used it for any special treatments? Any recipes you'd like to share with me? Let me know!

- Genesis  


  1. Common Africans then started using Shea butter to protect their skin and hair from the massive sun and coarse winds African deserts. Shea butter was also used as a healing remedy for circumcision, an insect repellent, and as an antiperspirant.

    During Pregnancy, African women rub their stomachs with Shea butter to prevent stretch marks; during birth women would squat over a tub of warm water and Shea oil to reduce to pain of child birth; after birth, babies are massaged head to toe with Shea butter, for healthy, glowing skin.

    1. Wow, it's truly all purpose , proof of the Earth's natural healing powers! Love that a product with such a history is still being used today!

      Thanks for the info! Keep us informed!

  2. Shea butter, which comes from the African shea tree, has been used for many centuries as a skin moisturizer and hair conditioner. It is also commonly used in Africa for cooking food, making candles, and even coating wood products. Shea butter has been used for generations in Africa to keep skin young and healthy, remove stretch marks. Check her Shea Butter & African Shea Butter