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Mini Thrift Haul

Last Monday I took a quick trip to Second Ave thrift store just to wander around and see the merchandise available aka window shop. I don't know if it was the energy around me or the fact that my mother (my good luck charm) tagged along but every aisle had something that I could see myself wearing. Thrifting is a game of luck, sometimes you find great things and other times leave empty handed. Fortunately for me this round was incredibly lucky. I compiled a ton of items but narrowed it down to three great purchases (for the sake of wallet of course). And here's what I bought!

How adorable are these polka-dotted heels? They're incredibly girly and super comfortable. 

You can never have too much jewelry. 

A black satchel perfect for any occasion, day or night. 

Have you guys gone thrifting lately? What's your most recent purchase?

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- Genesis 

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