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Blogger Inspiration: Getting to Know Yagazie Emezi Through Her Personal Cartoons

If you have a Tumblr or follow any natural hair blogs, you are no stranger to The 'Fro. Not just any afro, I'm talking about the GIGANTIC, luscious, lion-like mane that adorns the top of the one and only Yagazie Emezi's head. From her gravity defying hair, to her accent, her humor, to her inspirational openness, Emezi has become an adored online personality and one of my most admired people on the internet.

The Nigerian-Malaysian beauty has a strong spirit that comes through in her writing; her personal stories of her past relationship, her upbringing in Nigeria, and the ups and downs in life are moving and motivational.

But, what I love best about her is her humor! Rarely do you come across a female who has all the qualities described above AND an incredible comedic sense. She's off-beat and honest, and most of all, creative. Anyone who follows her Instagram, Tumblr, or Facebook has experienced the entertainment that is her Adventure Time-esque  personal cartoons. The simple black and white illustrations capture moments of Emezi's life- the happy, the sad, the awkward, and the naked. These cartoons are not only hilarious, they're super relatable - they are the definition of realness. There's a cartoon for every situation and I'm sure many females, like myself, can find themselves in one or more of the cartoons she draws. They make my day and I often come back to them for motivation and a good laugh! 

On her Facebook, she says shes working on a book featuring all the cartoons! I think they are worthy of a TV show, comic book, bumper stickers, clothing (can I put in my order now for a "Uncommitted Twerker" T-shirt to wear to parties??) and sooo much more. Here are a few of my favorite illustrations!

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Which cartoon is your favorite? Which can you relate to the most?

Comment below!

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-Anna Son


  1. I love them all! My favorite is the book.

    1. They are all so great! That's one of my favs as well, she draws what were all thinking lol

  2. I can most relate to the 2nd one, the fourth one and the last one. Lol, especially the last one! :D

  3. I love these! These are all me. Except with a lush 'fro.

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