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Azealia Banks, M.I.A | New Music and Visuals

Two of the most eccentric and energetic females in the music industry have been making headlines with some new music the past few weeks. My favorite "bad girl," M.I.A, and the YUNG RAPUNZEL herself, Azealia Banks, are both debuting some new jams and visuals.

Both artists are similar in the style and originality they bring to the game. No one can deny, however, that M.I.A is a much more seasoned artist with a message to spead, world music influences and three amazing albums under her belt. Her mainstream career has spanned nearly a decade (did you know she's 37 :o ) I remember bumping her hits in middle school!

But newcomer Azealia Banks has already gotten notice with her fantasy chic style, loyal following (including me), and amazing hits such as "212," "Liquorice," and "1991" all before the release of her first studio album. There's nothing I love more than a bad ass female and Banks is the definition of it, all wrapped in a quirky and effortlessly cool packaging.

Check out their new singles below!

ATM Jam- ft Pharrell

Azealia Banks debuted her new single "ATM JAM" ft Pharrell a few days ago in a performance at Glastonbury and yesterday, the studio single dropped on Hot 97. The track is the first new single that has been released from Banks' delayed and much anticipated album Broke with Expensive Taste. WHEN WILL IT BE RELEASED?? - is what I, and other die hard AB fans want to know. Banks has been keeping busy recording in the studio, as she's tweeted about many sessions with producers and collaborators, and stiring up social media drama with any celebrity you can think of. This girl has quite a mouth and an occasionally confusing twisted attitude, but I can't help being a big fan of her music and style-she's been giving me life with her tough lyrics and intense weave game since "212"!

Listen to ATM Jam below!


Bring The Noize, Only 1 U

The great, one and only, international innovator M.I.A has a new album in the works that's set to be released this year. If you haven't already heard, it's to be titled Matangi- MIA's government name- and it's been delayed for what seems like forever due to creative differences between MIA and her label. But recently, She's been rolling out the singles, which- in true MIA fashion- are eccentric, dance-worthy, and charged with social messages. The single "Bring The Noize" was released a few weeks ago and the visuals dropped more recently. The club bounce beat with a slightly off beat chorus is complimented by a hype, colorful video. There's also a second gold version, the exact same video but completely in an embossed golden filter- it's actually pretty tough.

Yesterday, the singer released another single, "Only 1 U" via NTS a British internet radio. Hopefully, the track will also be featured on Mathangi.


Are you a fan of Azealia and MIA? How do you feel about their new projects? What is your favorite song by them?

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-Anna Son

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