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Aesthetically Pleasing Event || The Naturalista Hair Show, Silver Spring, MD + Video!

We stepped into the main room of The Naturalista Hair Show hosted in Silver Spring, Maryland, where vendors filled the room selling unique costume jewelry, hair-care concoctions, and organic skin care products. Natural hair models showed off their intricate co-ifs and some statuesque men with dreads were posted at the entrance. It’s like we died and went to natural hair heaven!

We were resuscitated seconds later by the scent of shea butter and essential oils to be greeted by hundreds of natural haired queens (and kings) with towering afros, big curls, cascading dread locs. It was the biggest display of natural hair diversity I had ever seen beyond my internet browser. It was a true testament to the growth and numbers of the natural community. So great to see people exercising their right to assembly by promoting the right to wear their hair in its natural state.

We got to attend workshops hosted by sponsors. We got a rundown of Jamaican Black Castor Oil and its associated products, and the all natural hair dye, Henna- which I ended up purchasing in purple! Another workshop on protective styling was hosted by the woman behind the Heat Free Hair Movement, Ngozi Opara of N-zo Hair Studios in Washington DC. I got to see the hair for myself, got my questions answered, and even got a coupon! (Anyone familiar with the hair knows it’s pretty expensive, I nearly fell out my chair when she said coupon!)

Learning about Henna hair dye (I bought two packs of purple!)

The highlight of the event was the blogger panel where we got to meet the gorgeous Mae aka Natural Chica! We met some other big time natural bloggers like Jess from Hair gets Kinky When Wet, and saw and heard many more! I had no Idea all of these people were local, and also learned that Natural Chica is a graduate of our very own University of Maryland (Terpnation!). We met so many other bloggers on the come up just like us, hair stylists trying to market, and naturalistas just looking to get the best out of their hair experience.

Sharlene of

Met some other local bloggers! @_Planetseason

The level of natural hair expertise in attendance ranged from seasoned hair stylists to women who thought 3c and 4b textures referred to weave coloring- and the show catered to all of them and everyone in between. Being somewhere in the middle of that spectrum, I still felt right at home. I learned some great new information but I wasn't sitting there being told the same thing I can find on any natural hair blog. The most valuable information presented came in the form of tips, advice, anecdotes of people’s own paths to learning and loving their hair.

That’s what the natural movement is all about; As a trend that has spread so quickly pretty much through word of mouth and stories and recommendations, a convention such as this, bringing everyone together to show off their success and learn from each other is the pinnacle of the natural movement- achieving the main goal, which was never just healthy hair or defiance from the norm, but support, empowerment, and unity.

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How long have you been natural? What are your favorite products or styles? Have you ever attended a natural hair meet up/event?

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-Anna Son + photographs by Genesis

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