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3 Females You Need in Your iPod

This has been a dynamic month for music. New albums , mixtapes, singles, videos; I haven't taken off my headphones in weeks! Amidst the big name releases that have had everyone buzzing with controversy and opinions online, I've latched on to three females who have been making moves in the game and have managed to get themselves on the radar. As we here at Aesthetically Pleasing have a love for hard working, talented, show-stopping females, I felt it necessary to spotlight these artists.

T'nah Apex

A former member of Pro Era, I was first introduced to the soulful sounds of T’nah Apex on Joey Bada$$’ 1999 mixtape, she sang the hook on the smooth track Snakes, and the group collaboration Suspect. Being the only female in my beloved Pro Era, with such a tantalizing voice, Apex stood out on the album and quickly became one of my favorites. The Brooklyn singer/rapper disappeared on the Pro Era mixtape PEEP: The aPROcalypse and I thought she perhaps just faded away, but she resurfaced on Joey’s mixtape Summer Knights that dropped a few weeks ago; I was shocked and elated to see her name on the track list!

Though she’s not a part of the Progressive Era anymore, she’s still making moves, spreading her own message as a solo artist. Apex’s voice carries a neo-soul tune and has so much depth- just as you’re reveling in its smoothness, she switches up and raps, delivering a effortless flow that has just as much soul as her singing voice. Her style, musically, ideologically, and aesthetically, is reminiscent of the iconic hip hop soul females, like Lauryn Hill  and Erykah Badu, artist she also names as her influences. Apex falls in their category while making her own way, a combination of their influences heightened by a new wave Brooklyn swag that we’ve come to know so well from the many artist’s recently emerging from the New York borough.

My only complaint is the lack of music we have of hers! She provides us with a few tracks and collaborations on her Soundcloud including an incredible track with Chelsea Reject titled Xyxx. I have exhausted the repeat button on not only Xyxx which is beconing a new favorite, but all of her hits with Pro Era as well. A voice that comes out as effortless as her down-to-Earth vibes, she’s soon to break out. I’m super excited to watch her on the come up! Hopefully she makes her way down to the DMV to perform, I'd be front row!

Chelsea Reject

So, after listening to the above featured song Xxyx, I had to figure out who this Chelsea Reject was. The song was released only a few weeks ago, so I'm just getting hip to the 20 year old unsigned Brooklyn rapper. I listened to her mixtape Radi-8 - her 14 track mixtape released in February of this year. I’ve probably listened to it a hundred times since then. The rapper has that once again effortless Brooklyn style, music that lends itself to classic New York sound, jazzy influences, and introspective lyrics. Reject herself has a melodic flow and delivery. She's got a smooth voice that carries her message and tells well written stories through personal anecdotes on love and life, memorable hooks, and some slick wordplay.

Among my favorite tracks on the tape are Nostalgia, HisSong, Aqueducts, and Thinkin Bout You, which features an amazing beat crafted with layered vocal sounds and jazzy drum and horn samples that really caught my attention. The songs on the tape are relatable motivational, and well produced; I'm perplexed as to why shes still unsigned.

Her memorable repertoire has gained her a loyal fanbase- which now includes me. I'm looking forward to getting to know her more as an artist. Radi-8 is a great introduction to Chelsea Reject and necessary add to anyone's music collection.


If you’ve listened or even heard about Jay-Z’s Magna Carta Holy Grail then you’ve heard the name Wondagurl. Better known as Ebony Oshunrinde, Wondagurl is a 16 year old Nigerian-Canadian producer whose beat was featured on Jay-Z’s “Crown.” The young producer has been making waves in her native Toronto for sometime but it only took HOV’s stamp of approval to send her career into the stratosphere. She's not a one hit wonder either. On her Soundcloud page you can find more great beats shes produced. Trap is her forte; car-knocking bass and distorted melodies. I still can't believe this girl is so young!! To be this successful right out of the 11th grade is ridiculous! She’s a hustler, she has talent, and she's friends with all the right people. She works closely with notable names like Travis Scott and also co-produced the track Uptown by A$AP Ferg with him. She seems humble and grateful in her interviews and excited for the future, I have much respect for the newcomer, I'm keeping her on my radar!

Crown- Jay-Z [Prod. by Wondagurl]


What are your favorite tracks from these talented females? Who else is on in your iPod?
Listen then comment below!

-Anna Son

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