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Thrift Haul

Hello, my name is Genesis Henriquez and I LOVE thrift stores. In fact, I LIVE for thrift stores. This may sound quite crazy but let's face it, how can you pass on these stores? If you're patient and enthusiastic enough you can find affordable golden gems to make any outfit look as fabulous as you are. To think that 5 years ago I was absolutely against thrift shopping. How insane was I?

Yesterday my mom and I went shopping at Goodwill Superstore at Annapolis, MD just to see what possible treasures we would find. I got really lucky and found several pieces that I can't wait to share with you all. For only $50 I was able to buy an assortments of pants, tops, and accessories that would have been double the price at any department store. Down below are the beautiful items I purchased.

       I bought a Ralph Lauren (yes, Ralph Lauren as in the famous designer brand) blue shirt, Charter Club maroon colored jacket, and a Chico gray, metallic sheen oversized sweater with cutouts.

  Next I bought Merona bootcut jeans, Old Navy corduroy skinny jeans, and Marina Luna cheetah print pencil skirt.

When it comes to shoes finding a nice pair of 8.5 shoes can be miracle. But luckily I was able to snatch a classic black peep toe that I could pair with any outfit. I also bought a pair of gold hoop earrings and a golden, elastic belt with frog detailing.

P.S. (I bought the golden belt and black saddle bag from 2nd Avenue Thrift Store in Columbia, MD)

Lastly, I bought a Coldwater Creek sun hat and a black Saddle bag.

Keep in mind that excluding the belt and bag from 2nd Avenue Thrift Store everything else cost me a total of $50. The price was definitely worth it for these quality and classic pieces since I do plan on wearing them often.

For all our followers: What do you like most about thrift shopping? What was the most incredible item you've ever purchased?

Comment down below! xoxo

P.S. (Stay tuned for more thrift hauls and outfit posts showcasing these items.)

- Genesis


  1. My favorite find was a pair of high waisted light denim skinny jeans. I just got it on Saturday.

    1. Great find! The best feeling is finding a pair of high waisted jeans at a thrift store that fit PERFECTLY! It's like it was meant to be!