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The Ultimate Summer Album

Summer is the most anticipated time of the year. Whether you're basking in the sun, attending endless cookouts, or cruising down your neighborhood late at night with a couple of friends nothing beats these three months of bliss. And music, the right kind of music that is, can be the perfect companion to these never-ending adventures. I'm sure you've already picked out your favorite album but it's never wrong to listen to something new. Allow me to introduce to do the ultimate, most fantastic album crucial for anyone's summer getaway. It's none other than (drum rolls)......

Pop Negro by El Guincho

Now you might be asking yourself, "who the hell is El Guincho?" If so, let me shed some light. Born in the Canary Islands, El Guincho also known as, Pablo Diaz-Reixa, gained some prominence from the indie world after releasing his first album, Alegranza, in 2007Sampling everything from Afrobeat, Tropicalia, Rock, and Dub El Guincho won audiences with his eclectic, up beat, insanely intoxicating sounds. Three years later he released his second album Pop Negro. The album according to El Guincho  was highly based "on hi-fi aesthetics from the golden-age of aesthetics." Influenced by the synthetic sounds of Spanish pop band Mecano and the loud rhythms found in artist Bryan Ferry's "Day For Night" to name a few, El Guincho configured an album that successfully combined an array of beats, snares, rhythms, and reverbs into one cohesive masterwork. I am not exaggerating. 

Now that you've read a brief description of his work you can hint what to expect from Pop Negro, the perfect summer album.

Track List

Ghetto Facil
Soca de Eclipse
Lycra Mistral
FM Tan Sexy
Muerte Midi
(Chica - Oh) Drims
Danza Invinto

My Favorite Tracks

The playful guitar beats and consistent bass line makes want to dance and sing along - perfect for my summer adventures. 

From the loud rhythms and "soca-esque" drum playing this track makes me want to lay out on the beach, drink my coconut water, and jam all day long. 

This is the best song to dance to. Make sure to turn up the volume/bass and dance your ass off.

Now, I can't leave without featuring his top single "Bombay."

Caution: (not kidding)

Pop Negro will never get old for me. Every year I always take this album out and dance/belt my summer nights away. This album sets the perfect mood for those carefree, joyous summers. Now do me a favor, get your headphones, turn the volume up, and enjoy listening to one of my favorite albums.
 Hope you love it.

Rock on!

- Genesis

What's your favorite summer album?

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