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Music explorer | Funk Carioca

In a large but obscure corner of the internet lies a fountain of party music from Brazil. There's lots of drums, bass, and booty shaking. As a music and culture fiend I felt it was my duty to listen and research and report back on the interesting phenomenon that is Funk Carioca. 

Funk Carioca is a style of music that has developed in the favelas of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. As I have an obsession with anything related to the country and its culture naturally I was interested. 
O Bonde Das Maravilhas - Aqueciemiento das Maravilhas

This music is multi faceted and has a different sound depending on where you go. I would compare the funk of the favelas acoustically to reggaeton of Latin Caribbean nations because It has a reoccurring and recognizable beat that is found in every song with variations in instrumentals and lyrics. It's characterized by in house production quality (of music and visuals) and its fast rhythms. 

Another facet of Funk Carioca has a strong techno foundation and developed as a result of Miami club music which somehow spread and infiltrated Rio de Janeiro. There are many DJs who are leading the music trend. The sound has also made its way into the European club scenes. This type funk sounds quite different, more like typical house and techno with a Latin flare. Group Bonde do Rolê was one of the first of their kind to make international fame when they were discovered by producer Diplo. Artist MIA helped spotlight the music as well by using the beats in her 2005 song "Bucky Done Gun." The song "Pon de Floor" by Major Lazer (made popular recently as the beat in Beyoncé's "Run The World) also has strong influences of Funk Carioca.

  The Funk you hear from the artists featured in this article, comes straight out of the favelas and has taken on its own unique tone and reputation. From my research and observations on youtube comments and twitter feeds, this music is the source of a lot of controversy. While the music is quite popular in the inner-cities, A LOT of people hate it because of it's crude language, violent motifs and misogynistic lyrics. It's heavily criticized as simply being shitty music. Sounds like a familiar case here in the states with rap and trap music earning a lot of criticism for a seeming lack of talent. The genres are very comparable in their development and their responses- including a shared affinity for twerking (the debate is still up on who does it best- see the vids).

DJ Nego do Borel and O Bonde Das Maravilhas - Eu Adorro, Eu Me Amarro

There are a few differences however. Despite the notion of misogyny, there are plenty of female artists in this genre. By doing a Youtube search you'll find that the majority of the artists who appear are females all donning the title MC in front of their names. There are several groups of girls as well who perform together usually creating a namesake in eccentric booty-shaking. As seen in the above videos is O Bonde Das Maravilhas who's recent video has become viral and brought them as well as the genre into the forefront.

Another interesting difference between them is the media response . There are videos of O Bonde de Maravilha on daytime shows of the likes of The Today Show as guests promoting their music. I doubt there will ever be a day that we will see the Twerk Team on Regis and Kelly or Good Morning America. Also, the ages of these girls is quite baffling. Young girls in this industry are apparently very common and in the group above, the youngest member is THIRTEEN. Yeah, let that sink in. 

That would NOT fly here in the states.

MC Beyonce (not the one your thinking of) ft MC Magrinho -Fiu Fiu

Its basically Brazilian rachetness but its an interesting listen for people outside of the culture getting a look in. If anything, Funk Carioca is definitely HYPE MUSIC. I had a playlist going today and the beats had me jamming. Not to mention it's great for twerking in the mirror and it would be perfect for a work out lol. I imagine funk parties in Rio are extremely live. So if you want to learn some dirty Portuguese words and watch some beautiful girls shaking their "Bundas" then you will probably enjoy Funk Carioca. 


Take a listen and tell us what you think! Is it degrading nonsense or the next craze in party music? Know any other Funk artists? 
Comment below!

-Anna Son

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