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Father's Day Recap | A Day at the Shooting Range

When we pulled into the parking lot of the shooting range, we could already hear the booms and blasts of the guns going off. Yesterday being Father's Day, it was particularly crowded in there, filled with old and middle-aged white guys with scruffy mustaches, wearing cargo shorts, muscle tees, and baseball caps. But here comes my family- and me, specifically- strolling in in my high-waisted jeans and golden accessories like the diva I am.

That was my second time at the range. The last time was exactly a year ago; my mom and I realized that this was the perfect gift for my dad, a former marine, whose eyes light up every time we even talk about this place. 

And this time was no different, he was like a kid in a candy shop browsing guns and rattling off all their names as if I would remember them. He had a story for nearly everything in there from his military days. He's kind of like me in any make up or shoe store lol.

There were about 12 lanes in the shooting area. It's a bit unsettling being in such close proximity to people you don't know holding various instruments of death that go off like like the intro to a Waka Flocka Flame song all around you. But you get used to the bangs after a while and you just have to trust that the people around you are sane and just came to have a good time.

Shooting is a powerful feeling. I can't lie, I felt like a bad ass today. We shot 3 different guns (a 22, a 9mm, and a 45- for any of you gun-heads). Some guns were heavier than others and had some intense recoil, the more you shoot the more you get used to it. My dad and I bonded as he coached me through loading magazines, aiming, and shooting. I channeled my inner Zoe Saldana- via Columbiana- and went after that target as if it was the druglord after my family (ok, it wasn't that serious, I swear I'm not crazy lol). But we definitely did some damage to the targets.

If you're looking for something to do that's different and exciting, keep an open mind and try a shooting range! Places like these are good examples that in a controlled safe environment with level-headed, responsible people, shooting can simply be a fun pass-time.

I know that my dad was incredibly happy and couldn't stop talking about guns for the rest of the evening, so our Father's Day mission was accomplished.

So, moral of the story is that this family is not one to be messed with! Lol

Check out the photos below!!

I think we got him.

Father-Daughter bonding

Loading magazines.


How did you spend your Father's Day? Have you all ever been to a shooting range?

-Anna Son

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