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8 Black Web Shows That Will Have You Hooked

I've noticed that in recent years, I've become less dependent on actual tv because there are so many great productions just on Youtube. These shows are free to watch (with wifi), not interrupted by tons of commercials, and unbounded by the strict regulations of the FCC. 

What this list of shows also has in common is that they feature a cast and production crew of minorities. Youtube is playing host to new wave of re-representation. Specifically the shows are putting blacks and other minorities in the entertainment spotlight in rates that out number standard television. These shows are well thought out, with high quality acting and production, and have a large fan-bases of many races. From comedy to drama there's something for everyone on Youtube, check out 8 of my favorite Youtube series! 

8. "The Number"

The Number, a Black and Sexy tv production, is a relationship comedy and cautionary tale. This engaged couple enters tricky territory when discussing their sexual history. Paranoia and drama ensues when Jason learns his fiance's generous "number."

7. "Lenox Avenue"

Lenox Avenue is a sexy new drama in its first season. It follows three handsome Harlemites and their complicated bouts with relationships. The cast members are no strangers to acting starring Ryan Vigilant (Gossip Girl), Al Thompson (Love Don't Cost a Thing) and Dorian Missick (TNT's Southland) and the drama and juicy love scenes rival any soap opera on tv.

6. "The Couple"

The Couple, another Black and Sexy TV production, is probably the realest show on Youtube. The Couple, Chick and Dude, is a situational comedy showing the pair in different relationship scenarios. The lovable duo makes the series easy to fall in love with.

5. "RoomieLoverFriends"

RoomieLoverFriends produced by Issa Rae, is a scripted romantic comedy/drama series. The show, which is currently in its second season, follows Tamiko, who makes her life a little bit more difficult -but interesting- when she hooks up with her gorgeous male roommate. Matters get worse when feelings- and his girlfriend- get involved. I was hooked after the first few episodes, the show is currently in its second season.

4. "Stereotypes"

Stereotypes is a weekly talk show series on Pharrell's I Am Other channel. Eccentric and amusing host Ryan Hall, takes to the street to ask random city dwellers questions on controversial topics ranging from race and religion to societal standards. In the second season he has traveled to Europe to get an insight on life and culture on the other side of the pond. It's both entertaining and enlightening and airs on Saturdays.

3. Dormtainment

Comedy is Youtube's greatest export and Dormtainment is on top right now. Six hilarious guys create weekly sketch comedy videos that will have you dying of laughter. For years they have been making everything from parodies to music videos even an album and have established classic characters and videos along the way. Their quality and comedy has only gotten better with time and still has me laughing every Sunday night when new videos are released. 

2. "Brothers With No Game"

I LOVE Brothers With No Game. The show hails from the UK and their strong accents and foreign slang have had me confused a few times but it's easy to get used to. The story line centers around four best friends in their 20s, who are all at different stages, financially and socially, in their lives, are struggling to maintain- and obtain- relationships with the opposite sex and handle life's obstacles at the same time. I really became attached to the characters and looked forward to each episode hoping the plot would go in their favor. Season 1 finished up a few months ago with 8 episodes. There's plenty of time to catch up before the next season comes out!

1. "The MisAdventures of Awkward Black Girl"

The Mis Adventures of Awkward Black Girl, also known as the story of my life. well, I'm definitely not as bad as Jay, the main character played by Issa Rae, but her hilarious and relatable character traits are what shot this series into internet fame. Issa Rae plays a character we haven't seen on television or media but all definitely know of....or are one. The show has two seasons online, it's not too late to catch up!


Which of these series is your favorite? Any others that did make the list? Comment below!

-Anna Son

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